Samstag, 25. August 2012

Off to Sweden.

My very good friend and neighbor Liz is going to spent a semester in Sweden. She gave a farewell party, so I made a card for her. I wanted it to be kind of swedish-looking, and I got to use my newest stamp ( thanks Mom. ;) ). I thought, it would look cute to stamp the heart in red!
I embossed the card with an embossing folder and my Big Shot and punched out some hearts to match the colors and the heart in the bird house.
I hope, Liz liked the card; at least she said so. And I hope, she has an amazing time in Sweden and meets a lot of great people. I'm going to miss our handcrafting sessions. :)

Same Style, Different Colors!

This is the birthday card I made for my great aunt. Basically the same card as the one before, just different colors. Quick & simple. :)

Montag, 18. Juni 2012

New Birthday Card

I spent the last week at my Mom's place. On Saturday, a good friend of mine celebrated her birthday and this is the card I made for her.

For this card I had the chance to use my Mom's handcrafting stuff. Of course she owns A LOT more than I do, like this beautiful embossing folder, the flower punches and the label dies.
Unfortunatly, the pic doesn't show this too well: I colored the embossed flowers with the turquoise ink pad.
Inside I put a little giftcard holder and stamped some flowers.

Again, it took me hooours, but I'm rather happy with the result. Too bad you almost never get to keep the cards. ;)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

My First Scrapbook II

Now, here are two more pages of the scrapbook I made for my friend. As on the last page on my first post, here, too, you can pull out hidden pictures. But it's a little different here: I fixed the pictures under the background paper (or photo) with thin strings, so they can only be pulled out to a certain extent. The rhinestones are kind of like little handles that you use to pull out the photos.
I really like the 'Thanks' - clear stamp on the first page. I used a litte rhinestone to check 'all of the above'. The quite obvious, I guess. :)

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Happy Birthday... my wonderful and talented Mommy. Here is the card I made for her using all kinds of new stuff I got for Christmas: my new bow maker (although I kinda messed it up, I think), the stamp (I used color pencils to color the rose) and the round border punch (finally got one, thanks Mom!). It took me a while to put the card together and in the end I decided to keep it nice and simple. However, maybe next time I'll make the rose look 3D.
But I think, since it is my very first card using a stamp, I'm quite happy with result. I think, I'm going to start stamping some more from now on. ;)

Freitag, 30. September 2011


Flowers are perfect for cards…They can have any color, pattern, shape, size, they can be the main picture, someone’s favorite flower or simply decorative. : )
Here are two more cards I made that have flowers on them.
Up first the card I made for my Mother for Mother’s Day. The picture of the women is a 3D punch-out sheet. The paper was nice and thick, very good to work with. It took me forever to find the perfect paper to put underneath it.  Turned out pretty good, I believe.  ; ) My Mom loved it, anyway.
The second card is very simple. The picture of the Hydrangea is from the internet. I framed it and placed a matching ribbon next to it. But because it looked still somehow empty, I punched out the black flowers and glued green rhinestones on them. It’s maybe kind of plain, but I think that’s what I like about it! : )

Unfortunately I haven't had much time to make cards lately. Lot's of college stuff. : / But I'll soon get back to it and then there's more coming. : )

Samstag, 24. September 2011

I can draw...

Here are some more cards. Two more, actually. Due to lack of any useful stamps or pictures I had to be creative myself.  ;)
For this first card I printed out a cute cupcake from the internet and colored it simple and old-fashioned: with color pencils! I put little rhinestones on some of the berries. Underneath the paper lace I put a green ribbon to match the ground. And for the little beetle I used a paper punch.
It took me FOR EVER to figured out how put this card together, but now I really like it…I might have to make another one for myself. ;)

The second card HAD TO HAVE penguins on it. I used a picture from the Internet, but this time: No printing out! I just quickly traced around the edges and then drew and colored the penguins. The rest was easy. Black-white dotted frame, sparkling blue, kind of icy looking ground, blue ribbon and punched out flowers with white rhinestones. And done. :)